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The Case for Endowment Growth

The Rock Ranch Annual Budget is approximately $210,000 today.

We raise $100,000 annually in charitable dollars - 45% of current operations.


We believe that 40-45% of any budget moving forward will remain charitably focused.

When looking closely at future programming, staffing and herd needs, expense inflation, physical site maintenance and potential new capital structures, we believe our annual operations will increase to $300,000 by 2027. 

45% of $300,000 = Rock Ranch will need to be raising close to $140,000 by 2027.

Endowment Growth Plan

Current "Joy of Horsemanship" Funds

Luverne Area Community Foundation: $6,000

Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation: $14,000

Southwest Initiative Foundation: $10,000

Rock Ranch Matured Stock Fund: $14,000

Rock Ranch Fund at Pinnacle Wealth: $5,000


Current balances of these funds combined is a modest $49,000. They produce about $1,700 annually – in years of positive market returns.

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 4.59.45 PM.png


We'll be sharing with 20-30 key families and foundations from 2023-27 to generate $2,000,000 in new, permanent endowment gifts.


Still maintain Annual Fund giving levels at $100,000.


$2M across all funds will generate approximately $100,000 annually. Will reduce our reliance on the Annual Fund by about 40%.



The power of endowed investment (at least in MOST years) will help sustain the permanency of Rock Ranch.

Dan and Marie at Rock Ranch leaning on white fencing


We believe this approach presents a responsible way forward which will allow long range thinkers of affluence and influence to help these services stay available permanently in Rock County, Minnesota while also supporting the continued growth of employment opportunities for people living in the Tri-State region.


We believe a campaign for permanent charitable capital makes sense and we will actively work to secure support moving forward. 


Our mission is to provide opportunities for persons to improve themselves physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally while learning the art and skills of horsemanship in a Christ-filled setting.

Campaign Gifts

Gifts to the Wildest Dreams Campaign can be made to ANY of the Joy of Horsemanship Funds listed in these materials. We have permanent funds available in both Minnesota and South Dakota. Some of them are managed by community foundation investment committees, others are managed by private wealth advisors. We have made a whole hearted attempt to diversify the placement of these funds to help prospective donors have choice in giving should they believe our mission is worthy of investment. 

Giving Levels

Gifts are welcome to be made one-time, or over a multi-year plan. We are also able to accept planned gifts and have at our disposal the services of Rock Ranch's estate planning legal services team at Woods Fuller Schultz & Smith with locations in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. 


We invite gifts to this campaign beginning at $50,000.


355 40th Avenue, Hills, MN 56138

(605) 940-2243

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